Rodeo Speaking

"The Cowboys of Color Motto is
'Let us Educate You While We Entertain You!" 

Cleo Hearn

The Rodeo Management Team is available to speak to K-12 schools, libraries, museums, universities, corporations and communities about the impact of multicultural cowboys yesterday and how today Rodeo continues to have an economic impact on a local community.

  • Cowboys of Color Rodeo & Hearn Family Legacy
  • A Multicultural Legacy: Cowboys of Color (film available)
  • Economic Impact of Black Cowboys: Yesterday & Today
  • African American Western Legends: Yesterday & Today (books available)
  • Buffalo Soldiers: A Proud Military Legacy


Harlan Hearn, Senior Rodeo Producer

Wendell Hearn, Assistant Rodeo Producer

Kevin Woodson, Rodeo Announcer

Liz Lawless, Author and Historian Cowboys of Color Rodeo

Coy Poitier, Film Director and Producer

Paul and Sam Allen, Buffalo Soldiers


1 hour, 2 hour, half day and full day

We have a range of honorariums based on time and speaker.  Travel expenses should also be budgeted.  To check schedules or book a Cowboys of Color Rodeo speaker, contact Liz Lawless at 214.931.6567 or